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A symbol of longevity, resilience and grace, the bamboo is one of the most cherished treasures of Asian Gardens. The community's centerpiece is a garden that features different bamboo species complemented by a structure of "Malakas at Maganda".

In traditional Asian Gardens, Ferns symbolize magic, protection, eternal youth and shelter. Adorned by cascading water gardens and an abundance of Fern varieties.

An exclusive private lot residence with 60% of its land dedicated to greens and open spaces. Choose your perfect getaway abode with the Palm's Courtyard lots, Perimeter lots, Parkview lots and River lots all with spectacular views of natural wonders of Sandari Batulao.

  • Bamboo Garden

    Lots in the Bamboo Garden cuts are the perfect locations for those looking for a quiet and refreshing neighborhood. Inundated with pocket gardens filled with bamboo and vitalized with herbs and tea plants for the use of the community, these lots most enjoy the lush ambiance of the Bamboo enclave.


  • Batulao View Lots

    Situated on one of the highest points of Nalé, Batulao View lots afford residents with the best views of the mountain namesake of the property. Mostly featuring sloping terrain, these lot cuts are the perfect locations for a two story house with an overlooking terrace or an infinity pool with a gorgeous mountain backdrop.

  • Ananda Front

    Ananda Front lots are the easiest access to the iconic Ananda Clubhouse Resort. Right in front of the community landmark equipped with family-centric activities, the Ananda Front lots integrates the eco-active lifestyle envisioned in Nalé with family gatherings and life milestones.

  • Garden Lots

    Lush and verdant, Fern Garden lots are interspersed with pocket gardens that accentuate water features and planted with herbs and greeneries for the entire community. Set closest to the main entrance to Nalé, the Fern Garden lots provide an easy access to the main road.

  • Talamitam View Lots

    Facing Mt. Batulao's sister mountain, the Talamitam View lots are the perfect vantage point for sweeping views of the entire property. Also afforded with sloping lot cuts, the Talamitam View lots provide an uninterrupted view of both the mountain and the West Philippine Sea.

  • Courtyard Lots

    Courtyard lots feature a 3-meter wide orchard in the backyard of your home with a variety of fruit bearing trees for an all year round fruit picking activity with the family. Ideal for big families wanting plenty of space for their children with various outdoor activities to keep them busy.

  • River Ridge Lots

    River ridge lots overlooking the Calamias River can experience the soothing sound of water running through the riverbed. Ideal for those who find serenity, relaxation and pleasure just listening to the sound of gentle running water.

  • Park View Lots

    Park View lots feature a slopping terrain with one lot perched on top of the other with plenty of open spaces between houses - perfect for an infinity pool or terrace overlooking Mt. Batulao.

  • Perimeter Lots

    Perimeter lots offer a 1.5-meter setback from the perimeter fence that allows for a generous nature trail without fear of cars passing at speed. Jogging or simply walking your pets around the village has never been safer, with a private walkway also leading to the village clubhouse.

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